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Different Strokes For Different Tenancy Situations

Some tenancy situations by nature are different either by the use, to which the accommodation is put, or physical differences (for example, renting a bare site) and lastly social differences (especially the social complications that arise when the landlord and tenants live together).Continue Reading

Amen Estate in Ibeju-Lekki Receives Accolades From Celebrities As More Home Owners Move In

Renowned Nigerians from all walks of life have continued to shower encomiums on what they consider the El-dorado of all real estate developments on the Lekki axis – Amen Estate. Continue Reading

Why Ikorodu & Lekki Property Prices May Merge Soon


In the early 90s when plots of land in the present Lekki Phase 1 were being allowed; it was going for between N400,000 to N500,000. Today same plots on the secondary market sell for nothing less than N50 million depending on which side of the scheme you are buying from (left or right). The reason for this astronomical rise in price is not farfetched; improved infrastructure, improved prices. To close watchers of the property market in the Ikorodu axis of Lagos, similar trend is being predicted for this burgeoning area. Although there are other satellite locations around Lagos with ample real estate investment opportunities for the budget class, Ikorodu remains the most viable option considering a number of developmental factors; one of which is transport links.Continue Reading

Review Mortgage Laws To Reduce Housing Shortage – Tayo Sonuga

A frontline real estate developer, Tayo Sonuga has called on the Lagos State Government to review current laws on mortgages, to help reduce the rate of housing shortage among the working population in the state.Continue Reading

List Of Primary & Secondary Schools In Ibeju Lekki, Lagos Nigeria

The Nigerian educational system recognises basic education as creche, nursery, primary and junior secondary school. This stages works hand in hand in the early life of every child, one cannot skipping any stage.

Ibeju lekki has embraced this educational system by setting up and establishing numerous nursery and primary schools within its vicinity.

Some of these nursery and primary schools are outlined below, including their addresses

Continue Reading

List Of Hotels In Ibeju Lekki, Lagos Nigeria

The business activities that are been carried out in Lagos state is not a case of trumpet blowing, but a simple case of exceeding excellence as its state slogan stands for. This is the reason why there are numerous guest houses and hotels in Ibeju lekki, one of the leading cities in Lagos when it comes to commercial activities.

Ibeju lekki is a well known area in Lagos. It is the local government area in Epe division of Lagos, and its name was derived from two autonomous communities Ibeju and Lekki.

Ibeju lekki is known for its vast range of business activities and massive presence of hotels and guest house, this guest houses and hotels, has been extremely helpful and has served as a source of income for both private owners and government. The hotels and guest houses have also served as a means of relaxation or places to catch fun after series of tedious work.

The list of some hotels and guest houses in Ibeju lekki

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How To Handle Rent Increase In Lagos / Abuja Nigeria

The rent chargeable for accommodation differs all over the country depending on which town or city the property is situated. Everyone will just have to apply this guide to local conditions the way they occur. For obvious reasons depending on the town or city in which you reside, rent when compared with the other places may be considered low or high.Continue Reading

The Rent Obligation Of Any Tenant

Every tenant must pay rent. In fact that is what empowers you to be called a tenant. Rent is the amount of money (also called consideration) which is paid to be allowed the use of an apartment or building space. The unit of accommodation or space should be clear to the parties in question.Continue Reading

When The Rents Are Late

It is difficult to imagine the anguish of a man who has failed for months to pay his rent despite repeated demands when he truly wished to pay if he had the money. There are numerous circumstances that cause delay in meeting rent obligations. Sometimes in a few months into the tenancy year it is possible to recover this upset and quickly redeem. At this time for others, the situation just spirals into more debt and a bigger mess until they are either thrown out or when involved with landlords with a good temperament end up owing two, three, four years rent arrears.Continue Reading

African Countries Offering The Best Real Estate Investment Opportunities

African Countries Offering The Best Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Real estate business is a very lucrative one and people who know about the huge returns that is made in the business do not relent in making investments in it. The reason why the real estate business is very attractive in Africa is not far fetched. It is because there is an increase in urban settlement and people move to these areas in search of greener pastures and a fundamental that needs to be met is housing or accommodation and this is where real estate comes in. Continue Reading